Mission and Values
Our Mission
CREOKS Health Services promotes and improves the lives of the individuals and families we serve through our commitment to provide comprehensive health, wellness and social services.
Our Core Values
Safety: CREOKS Behavioral Health Services is the largest non-profit mental health and substance abuse provider in Oklahoma, with 21 clinics that span across the eastern half of the state. CREOKS offers more than 35 years of quality services and programs that benefit adults, adolescents and children.
Teamwork: CREOKS believes in teamwork. A team that believes in lending a helping hand to a coworker, friend, and neighbor is the foundation to building a community that reaches out to one another to make a stronger, healthier community.
Respect: CREOKS believes in respect. Every individual regardless of race, culture, ethnic belief, sexual orientation, or disability is important and given respect as well as protections necessary to human dignity.
Integrity: CREOKS believes in integrity. We steadfastly adhere to moral and ethical principles that promote exemplary character, sound judgment, and personal honesty.
Vision: CREOKS believes in vision. We understand the importance of preparing for the future and utilize foresight, prudence, ingenuity, and purpose in developing a plan that successfully encompasses addressing the needs of today as well as enabling us to meet the demands of the future.
Excellence: CREOKS believes in excellence. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of the highest level of quality, competence, and integrity in everything that we do.